Watch Chadwick Boseman’s Beautiful Speech After Black Panther Won The Top SAG Award

Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther
Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther

Ryan Coogler’s origin story for has been a juggernaut. It sailed past a billion dollars at the box (earning $1.34B, to be specific). It made history by becoming the first Marvel Studios superhero film to earn a Best Picture nomination – cracking through a genre-based glass ceiling that many believed would be tough to penetrate. And it feels like it’s warming up.

Let’s talk about the impact of this SAG win on the Oscar race. The SAGs are given out by actors, and the actors make up the largest voting branch of the Academy when it comes to the Oscars and Best Picture. Success at the SAG awards in the Best Ensemble category CAN spell Best Picture success at the Academy Awards… but it’s no guarantee. Yes, films like Spotlight, Birdman and Argo took home both distinctions. But one need only to look at last year, where won at SAG, but it lost to (which wasn’t even nominated at SAG).

Basically, this morning, Disney and Marvel have a narrative they can push. topped some powerful films at the SAGs, and hopes to continue its momentum. Do you think has a legitimate shot at a Best Picture win? Vote in our poll below!

Can Black Panther win a Best Picture Oscar?


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